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Hypo Allergic Beard Colour - Pack of 3
Hypo Allergic Beard Colour - Pack of 3

Hypo Allergic Beard Colour - Pack of 3

Removes Dandruff and Itching | Support Hair Growth | Nourishment and Hydration

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Indus Valley New Hypo Allergic Beard Colour is a 100% botanical beard colour that has been specially crafted for sensitive and allergy-prone skin. Loaded with the goodness of 8 organic hair care and hair colouring herbs, it comes as totally devoid of all artificial chemical additives. Indus Valley New Hypo Allergic Beard Colour causes no allergic reactions and works with a skin-friendly pH balance between 5 and 7. Its healing herbs gently colour up the greys and improve beard health to offer you a youthful appearance. A 48-hour patch test is, however, recommended for those allergic to vegetables or pollen.

Zero-chemicals, no allergies

Indus Valley New Hypo Allergic Beard Colour is a chemical-free beard colour that contains no hydrogen peroxide, no ammonia, no PPD, no heavy metals, no PEGs, no parabens, no mineral oils and no resorcinols, making it one of the safest allergy-free beard colour.

Gently colours beard hair for a fuller, younger look

With Hypo Allergic Beard Colour, you can easily cover up the greys in your beard, moustaches and sideburns, making them look thicker, fuller and denser, giving you a fuller, younger look.

100% botanical ingredients

Made up of 8 organically grown herbs handpicked and shade dried to offer you safest beard colouring and care. The herbs are crushed into a triple-sifted, microfine powder that release more colour, more quickly. The herbs also release more nutrition for optimum hair care.

Works with a skin-friendly pH balance

Indus Valley Hypo Allergic Beard Color is laboratory tested and certified by dermatologists to work with a skin-friendly pH balance between 5 and 7. This is similar to the pH balance of the human skin, making it an extremely soothing beard colour.

  • Black Seed: Strengthens the beard hair follicles
  • Henna: Colours and adds shine to beard hair
  • Amla: Adds volume and shine
  • Indigo: Colours and conditions
  • Brahmi: Powerful antioxidants for nourishment
  • Senna: Revitalize and condition beard hair
  • Fenugreek: Conditions beard naturally
  • Coffee: Darken up the colour and add softness
Step 1: Applying Pouch A (The Primer)

Step 1. Pour your desired amount of powder from Pack A and mix it with some boiling water (above 85°C) in a non-metallic container and prepare a thick and smooth lump-free paste.

Step 2. Wait till the temperature of the mixture cools down to lukewarm. Then moisten your beard and apply the mixture with the help of the Applicator Brush. Keep it for 30-45 minutes.

Step 3. Rinse the build-up with water and pat dry your face.

Step 2: Applying Pouch B (Hair Colour)

Step 1. Prepare the colour mixture from Pack B following the same procedure as you did for Pack A.

Step 2. Apply the mixture to your moist beard and keep it for another 45 min to 1 hour.

Step 3. Wash with water.

Step 4. Apply the Spa on your beard and leave it for 15 minutes. Wash with water.

User’s Responsibility:
  • It may take several applications of Hypoallergic beard color to achieve the desired shade.
  • The results may not be as immediate or dramatic as with traditional beard colours
  • Always pre-wash your face before applying a beard colour.


Yes,100% botanical and 0% chemical make Indus Valley hypo beard colour Hypoallergic.

8 magical herbs are inside Black Seed, Henna, Amla, Indigo, Senna, Coffee, Brahmi, and Fenugreek.

Indus Valley hypo beard colour is designed to primarily color the beard hair. It is recommended to apply the product carefully and wipe off any excess color from the skin to avoid staining.

Indus Valley Hypo Allergic Beard Colour can be beneficial for sensitive skin. This product contains mild ingredients derived from plants or herbs, reducing the risk of irritation or allergic reactions.

Yes, Beard colour products are safe for the skin when used as directed.

The frequency of applying beard colour can vary depending on individual preferences and hair growth rate, beard color can be applied every 2-4 weeks, or as needed to maintain the desired color intensity.

Yes, beard colour can fade over time. The fading process is influenced by various factors such as the application technique, hair growth rate, exposure to sunlight, and regular washing and grooming routines.

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Hypo Allergic Beard Colour - Pack of 3
₹1,069.00 ₹1,497.00