Magic Hair Comb - Temporary Instant Hair Color Chalks with 4 Colours - (Net Quantity: 18 g / piece)

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Indus Valley presents the innovative and modern way to instantly transform your simple strands into vibrant, bold locks. With its Magic Hair Comb instant hair colouring chalk highlighters you can change the colour of your hair in seconds with its 6 funky, vibrant shades. The combs are extremely easy-to-use and the colours easily washable with just normal water or any mild organic shampoo. Now put on colours over your hair with just your regular combing action and light up your party mood instantly.

Result of Magic Hair Comb

Each pack of Magic Hair Comb for women has 2 combs, while each comb comes as a set of 2 head-turning vibrant colours. So, in 1 pack you will get a set of 4 awesome hair colours—Pink, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow and Purple. Choose your own four colour set that reflects your party mood best.

Colouring your hair was never this easy. Just put on the colours with your regular combing action and wash them away with normal water or any mild shampoo. Keep your party-perfect experimental mood alive forever.

Made with FD&C (Food, Drugs & Cosmetics) grade colours, the magic hair combs online are absolutely safe for children. You can keep experimenting with these non-toxic instant hair colour highlights for as long as possible as they come with no side effects. No matter how old or how young you are, these funky hair colour chalks will never disappoint you.

The magic hair comb in India and outside can be used for any occasion you like—from birthday parties to friends' night out, Halloween parties to theatre acting. Just choose your colours and spice up your looks, and you are all set to ace the floor.

How to Use

To get the best look using these instant hair highlight chalks, follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Untangle your hair with a comb and spray some water.
  • Step 2: Pick the colour you like the best and glide the hair magic comb over your selected hair strands.
  • Step 3: Once the colouring is done, set your hair in the exact hair colour pattern that you wanted to complete your party look.
  • Step 4: Once the party is over, simply wash with normal water or a mild shampoo.


Made with FD&C colours it is completely safe even for children. It will not change your hair texture and shine, nor damage it in anyway.
Magic Hair Comb - Temporary Instant Hair Color Chalks with 4 Colours - (Net Quantity: 18 g / piece)
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