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This 100% botanical beard colour made for hypersensitive skin prone to allergies packs the goodness of 8 organic hair care and hair colouring herbs. Devoid of artificial chemical additives, Indus Valley New Hypoallergenic Beard Colour causes no allergic reactions and works with a skin-friendly pH balance between 5 and 7. A 48-hour patch test is however recommended for those allergic to vegetables or pollen. Its healing herbs gently colour up the greys and  improve beard health to offer you a youthful appearance.

  • 100% botanical ingredients
  • No added chemicals whatsoever so no allergies
  • Skin-friendly pH balance between 5 and 7
  • Lasts long for up to 4 weeks
  • A dermatologist approved, cruelty-free & vegan beard colour

Manufactured and Packed By: Indus Cosmeceuticals Pvt. Ltd.
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Indus Valley’s Hypo Allergic Beard Colour is specifically made for those who have hypersensitive and allergy-prone skin or who have experienced allergic reactions in the past from chemical beard colours. It is totally devoid of all added chemicals like PPD, Ammonia and Hydrogen Peroxide (Bleach).

Result of Hypo Allergic Beard Colour

no ppd

An allergy-free beard colour

Indus Valley Hypo Allergic Beard Colour has no PPD or its derivatives whatsoever. It has no peroxides, no heavy metals, no PEGs, no parabens, no mineral oils and no resorcinols, which is why you don’t feel any side effects.

Beard colour

Gently colours up for a fuller beard

The beard color gently colours up the greys to offer you a youthful appearance. Its organic and healing herbs improve the texture of beard hair and bring back its natural shine.


Made up of 100% botanicals only

Organically grown, handpicked and sustainably sourced by dedicated farmers—Henna, Fenugreek, Coffee and Indigo (for colouration), Senna, Brahmi, Black Seed and Amla (for treating, repairing damaged beard hair by chemical beard colours) make up the beard colour.


Maintains skin-friendly pH balance

Indus Valley beard color is laboratory tested and certified by dermatologists to maintain a balanced pH between 5 and 7. This is similar to the pH balance of the human skin which remains between 4 and 7. This makes it a skin-friendly beard colour.

Black Seed (Nigella sativa): Strengthens the beard hair follicles
Henna (Lawsonia inermis):  Colours and adds shine to beard hair
Amla (Emblica officinalis):  Vitamin C darkens up the natural colour, adds volume and shine
Indigo (Indigofera tinctoria):  Colours and conditions
Brahmi (Bacopa monnieri): Powerful antioxidants that nourish and condition
Senna (Cassia angustifolia):  Tannins and flavonoids revitalize and condition beard hair
Fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum): A rich source of iron and proteins for beard hair growth, darkens up the natural colour and conditions beard
Coffee (Coffee arabica):  Flavonoids improve beard texture, darken up the colour and add softness

  1. Fills up thin and patchy beard
  2. Naturally colours up the greys
  3. Arrests beard hair fall and nourishes beard
  4. Causes no skin irritation or allergic reactions
  5. Improves the texture of beard hair
  1. Beard Hair Colour Powder – 2 Sachets (50g each)
  2. Hair Eaze Spa – 1 Sachet (15ml) 
  3. Gloves – 1 Pair
  4. Applicator Brush – 1 
  5. Spot Colouring Tinting Brush – 1 
  6. Instruction Leaflet

For neck length: Half Pouch A (1st application)

                              Half Pouch B (2nd application)

For armpit length: One Pouch A (1st application)

                                 One Pouch B (2nd application)

For full length: 2 boxes of Indus Valley New Hypoallergenic Beard Colour 

For neck length: Half Pouch A (1st application)

                              Half Pouch B (2nd application)

For armpit length: One Pouch A (1st application)

                                 One Pouch B (2nd application)

For full length: 2 boxes of Indus Valley New Hypoallergenic Beard Colour 

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