Best for sensitive skin n scalp
I prefer Aqua Colour for my hair as I have sensitive skin & scalp. No allergy & no skin irritation.

100% Botanical Hypo Allergic Aqua Colour for Hair - Dark Brown (200g + 30ml)

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Designed specifically for those with highly allergic and sensitive skin, this hair colour is made up of 8 magical organic herbs. It has no added chemicals in it. Indus Valley New Hypo Allergic Aqua Colour offers an irreplaceable hair colouring alternative for those who don’t want to put artificial chemicals in their hair or scalp anymore.

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Indus Valley New Hypo Allergic Aqua Color works with the goodness of 8 miraculous hair care and hair colouring herbs. The herbs are organically grown and processed without using any chemicals whatsoever. Designed specifically for individuals with allergy-prone and sensitive skin, the hair colour works with a skin-friendly pH balance between 5 to 7. It colours hair an appealing dark brown without using any artificial chemicals whatsoever. Indus Valley allergy-free hair colour is a truly vegan and cruelty-free organic hair colour that contains no animal parts or extracts and is also untested on animals. It is a gentle PPD-free formulation that comes as dermatologist tested.

A hair colour made for allergy-prone skin and scalp

Indus Valley New Hypo Allergic Aqua Colour is made up of 8 hair colouring and haircare herbs, so it’s absolutely safe for people suffering from sensitive and allergy prone scalp. It does not contain any harmful synthetics like PPD, Ammonia, Hydrogen Peroxide, Heavy Metals, PEGs, Parabens, Mineral Oils and Resorcinols whatsoever, making it incredibly protective and gentle.

Only has 100% botanical ingredients

Crafted with all-natural and 100% botanical herbs, it has no added chemicals whatsoever. Four, out of these eight herbs—Indigo, Henna, Manjistha and Chamomile, assist with hair colouring, while the other four—Senna, Amla, Brahmi and Fenugreek, help repair hair damages. Together all 8 help nourish and condition hair.

Colours with care

A 100% botanical hair colour, it provides colour, volume, health and vitality to hair texture all at once. Enriched with essential minerals and nutrients, its enriched herbal formulation also shields hair from the harmful UV rays, pollution and dirt enabling a natural sparkle and vibrancy while covering the greys.

Works with a skin-friendly pH balance

Imbued with botanical herbs that restore the optimum pH balance of hair and scalp between 5 and 7, this hair colour comes as one of the most skin-friendly hair colour available in online markets today.

  • Indigo: Colours and conditions
  • Senna: Revitalizes and conditions hair and scalp
  • Henna: A natural colouring herb, adds shine to hair
  • Amla: Adds volume and shine
  • Manjistha: Hair shine-enhancing herb
  • Chamomile: Helps to promote hair strength
  • Brahmi: Make hair voluminous and shiny
  • Fenugreek: Promotes hair growth and conditions hair
Step 1: Application with Pouch A (Primer)

Step 1. Pre-shampoo your hair.

Step 2. Powder quantity would depend upon your hair length. For neck to armpit length, one to two pouches are enough, while for full-length hair, 2 boxes of Aqua Hair Colour would be sufficient.

Step 3. Wear gloves. Pour the desired amount of Pack A powder and boiled water in a non-metallic container and prepare a thick mixture with no lumps and granules.

Step 4. Apply the mixture when it cools down to lukewarm with the Applicator Brush and keep it for 30-45 minutes.

Step 5. Rinse the build-up with water and pat dry your hair.

Step 2: Application with Pouch B (Colour)

Step 1. Prepare the colour mixture with Pack B following the same procedure as Pack A.

Step 2. Apply the mixture on hair and keep it for another 45 min to 2 hours.

Step 3. Wash your hair with water.

Step 4. Apply the Spa on your scalp and hair and leave it for 15 minutes. Afterwards, wash with water.

User’s Responsibility:
  • Step 1. You need to have at least two applications of Aqua hair color to achieve the desired shade.
  • Step 2. Be patient, as the results may not be as immediate or dramatic as with traditional hair dyes.
  • Step 3. Always pre-shampoo your hair before applying hair colour.


Does Dark Brown hair color require the use of a developer?

No, only hot water is required for the use of Aqua color.

Can Dark Brown hair color be used for color correction purposes?

Yes, Indus Valley Aqua dark brown hair color can be used for color correction purposes.

Can Aqua Dark Brown hair color be mixed with other shades to create customized colors?

Yes, you can mix the aqua dark brown color shade with other aqua color shades to create a new shade.

Does Aqua Dark Brown hair color provide a glossy or matte finish?

Aqua hair color provides a natural look.

What is the shelf life of Aqua Dark Brown hair color?

The shelf life of Aqua Dark Brown hair color life of 2.5 years if stored properly.

Is Aqua Dark Brown hair color ammonia-free?

Yes, aqua color is an ammonia-free product.

Can Aqua Dark Brown hair color be used to darken previously lightened or bleached hair?

Yes, it is 100% safe to use on bleach hairs.


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100% Botanical Hypo Allergic Aqua Colour for Hair - Dark Brown (200g + 30ml)
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