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Bio Organic Kaolin Clay Powder
Bio Organic Kaolin Clay Powder
Bio Organic Kaolin Clay Powder
Bio Organic Kaolin Clay Powder
Bio Organic Kaolin Clay Powder
Bio Organic Kaolin Clay Powder
Bio Organic Kaolin Clay Powder
Bio Organic Kaolin Clay Powder
Bio Organic Kaolin Clay Powder
Bio Organic Kaolin Clay Powder

Bio Organic Kaolin Clay Powder

Prevents Pimples | Repairs Hair Damage | Prevents Blackheads

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Indus Valley Bio-Organic Kaolin Clay Powder is a naturally sourced clay powder which is primarily the decomposition of aluminum silicate minerals. Kaolin clay, also known as white clay or China clay soothes dry skin, controls oily skin, combats acne breakouts, controls dandruff and other skin and hair related problems. It can be used independently or in combination with other natural ingredients to make highly effective skin cleansers, face masks, scrubs and more.

  • Balances oily skin; anti-acne
  • Tightens the skin pores, prevents pimples, lightens scars and blemish marks
  • Pulls out dirt, impurities and blackheads
  • Heals damaged skin and evens out the skin tone
  • Helps retain natural skin moisture
  • Strengthens hair roots and lessens hair breakage
  • Reduces dryness and curbs dandruff
  • Repairs hair damage and brings back shine, smoothness and volume
A single herb 100% natural clay powder highly enriched with
  • Aluminium Silicates: Helps in retexturing skin flaws & uneven discoloration.
  • Aluminium Oxide: Eliminate dead cells & enhance cell renewal on the skin surface.
Face pack for glowing skin:

Step 1. Make a paste by mixing 2 tbsps of Kaolin clay powder, little aloe vera gel & few drops of any essential oil

Step 2. Apply the paste on your face for 30 minutes.

Step 3. Wash your face with water.

Face Pack for Dry skin:

Step 1. Mix 1 tbsp of kaolin clay powder with rose water & honey.

Step 2. Apply on your face for 15 minutes.

Step 3. Rinse off & apply moisturizer afterwards

Inspired From Korean Beauty

Any skincare enthusiast will recognize the great contributions made by the Korean beauty industry because Koreans are known for their flawless and clear skin. The trend of glass skin was introduced by Koreans. Specially the kaolin clay is one of the most used face packs in their skincare routine to help get clear & bright skin.

What is Kaolin Clay Powder? How does it work?

Bio-Organic Kaolin Clay Powder helps to lighten overall skin tone. It absorbs any impurities in your skin, such as oil, grime, or dead skin cells, that helps to achieve glass glow complexion. The product eliminates skin waste, reducing the appearance of dullness and restoring your skin's youthfulness.


Kaolin clay can typically be used 1-2 times per week, depending on your skin type and sensitivity.

Yes, Kaolin clay is fairly gentle and safe to use on sensitive skin.

As a general guideline, it is suggested to leave kaolin clay on the face for about 20-30 minutes.

Yes, Indus Valley BIO Organic Kaolin clay is a range of pure and natural clays designed to cater to your skincare and haircare needs. These clays are free from external chemicals, synthetic fertilizers, or pesticides, and have been meticulously crafted to address various skin concerns.

Yes, kaolin clay can be beneficial for hair when used appropriately, benefits of using kaolin clay for hair: Scalp Cleansing, Exfoliation, Oil Control, Volume and Texture, Soothing and Calming, Strengthening hair roots and lessening hair breakage, Reduces dryness and curbs dandruff, etc.

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Nice results!

It is very clean and pure white clay. it is chemical-free with impurities.

Fantastic product

Fantastic...Results can be seen with in 2 to 3 times application..It is mild n skin friendly..Great for oily skin..Use with rose water and aloevera gel...It does wonders

love love love this clay mask

love love loves this clay mask. I am 35 with oily skin, so phones and even thinking about sugar and I get little pimples. This is amazing for your skin and clearing it up and keeping it clear. I use it on my trouble areas several times a week. super great product, amazing price!!!! I would recommend and purchase gifts.

I love it

Very helpful for oily skin people as well as normal skin people. It reduces pores sizes, toxins and oil from the skin. I am using it twice in a week and loved its results.

Amazing Product

Great for Very Dry & Sensitive Skin. I used this clay as a natural gentle cleanser for smooth, soft & glowing skin. With mild absorption & cleansing, this clay does not leave your skin dry and puckered after use but instead gives a healthy glow to your face. I've been using this regularly for more than a few months.All clays deep clean pores by pulling out dirt, all without excessing rubbing and tugging, causing no irritation to the skin. While most clays are great for oily skin, finding out which type of clay is the perfect medicine for your particular problems, is essential, because not every clay has the same amount of strength.This White Kaolin Clay from Indus Valley is the gentlest of all clays and is most suitable for people with Very dry & Sensitive skin.This well-packaged product comes with a recipe book that has a few recipes on how to use this clay for your skin and hair. The included recipe book has more than 50 DIY recipes using natural products.

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Bio Organic Kaolin Clay Powder
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