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Calming Acne Gel with Seaweed & Tea Tree Extracts (50ml)
Say no to acne and pimples with Indus Valley Calming Acne Gel. Enriched with the goodness of 6 exotic herbs, especially Seaweed and Tea Tree extracts, it also adds health and natural glow to the skin, reduces dullness, puffy skin...
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Bio-Organic Activated Charcoal Powder
Indus Valley Bio-Organic Activated Wood Charcoal Powder is 100% pure and natural, made by heating the shells of coconuts at higher temperatures. To achieve a beautiful, clear and glowing skin, use this pure charcoal powder as a weekly face wash,...
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Pure & Organic Basil Essential Oil (15ml)
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Pure & Organic Basil Essential Oil (15ml)
Indus Valley 100% Pure Basil Essential Oil is extracted in copper vessels through steam distillation of the leaves of organically grown basil (Ocimum basilicum) plants. Copper vessels extract a more concentrated form of the oil vis-a-vis steel vessels. The nourishing...
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