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Pure & Organic Rosehip Essential Oil (15ml)
  Indus Valley Rosehip Essential Oil Is gotten from Rosa Canina plant. It is 100% natural and organic and there are no additional chemicals to it and totally safe to utilize. It fills in as productive facial oil as it...
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Pure & Organic Olive Carrier Oil (100ml)
The natural and organic Olive Oil is derived from the olive fruits which are crushed to extract the natural oil out of the olive fruits. The oil extracted from the olive is very beneficial for the health of the skin...
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Pure & Organic Lemon Essential Oil (15ml)
Indus Valley 100% Pure Lemon Essential Oil is extracted through steam distillation of the peels of lemon fruits plucked from organically grown lemon (Citrus limonum) plants. The distillation is done in copper vessels. Copper vessels extract a more concentrated form...
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Pure & Organic Grapeseed Carrier Oil (100ml)
Indus Valley’s 100% Pure Carrier Grapeseed Oil is a concentrated cold pressed extraction of organic grape seeds left over after winemaking. The bio-organic oil is 100% free from toxins, pesticides and fertilizers, preserved in an unrefined form. Being a rich...
₹349.00 ₹305.00
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