Spott Capsule Hair Color Black 1.00 (6 Applications Kit) - (Net Quantity: 1.5g)
Spott hair color is a hair color that comes in the shape of a capsule. It imparts a shine and lustre on the hair and particularly it covers the area like goatty, root touch ups, side burns and hairline. It...
Spott Capsule Hair Color Dark Brown 3.00 (6 Applications Kit) - (Net Quantity: 1.5g)
Indus valley spott hair color is a capsule hair color which is quite efficient in covering the smaller grey patches. It covers various short areas like goatty, root touch-ups, sideburns, hairline, mustache and beard. It gives shine and luster to...
Spott Capsule Hair Light Brown 5.0 (6 Applications Kit) - (Net Quantity: 1.5g)
Spott color is one of the best hair colors in the market for covering smaller areas. It may be regarded as the hair color in the market that can help an individual to get a shining look of the beard...
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