Hand sanitizer - (Net Quantity: 500 ml) - Aqua
Indus Valley Sanitz, alcohol-based, water-free, rinse-free, instant hand cleaner, effectively kills germs & virus. As per health authorities all over the world, sanitizer with 60%-85% consistency of alcohol is best effective on germs and is skin-safe. Sanitz forms of 70%...
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Santize Hand Cleaner - (Net Quantity: 500ml) - Aloe Vera
San’tize Instant Hand Cleaner is a powerful alcohol-based, water-free, rinse-free, instant hand sanitizer that effectively kills 99% of all disease-causing germs, bacteria and viruses. Its comprehensive germ-kill capabilities come from its 75% v/v Ethyl Alcohol content. A Gold Standard of...
₹250.00 ₹199.00
Hand Sanitizer - (Net Quantity: 500 ml) - 5 Ltr
In today’s pandemic infected world a hand sanitizer gel proves to be our first line of defence against disease causing germs, bacteria and viruses. Hand hygiene is popularly considered as one of the best armours against catching the virus. Indus...
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