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Natural Hair Colour

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Indus Valley New Damage-Free Gel Colour is a unique Hydrogen Peroxide-Free formulation. It has been developed as an Organically Natural Hair Colour to provide a viable alternative to the usage of the extremely harmful chemical hair colours. It addresses the most damaging issue of hair colour—the slowly turning of your naturally coloured hair into permanent greys, which happens due to the repeated usage of Chemical Hair Colours as they all contain bleach like Hydrogen Peroxide.

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Do you have grey hair, but you avoid using hair colours because you are afraid of getting deadly allergies? Fear no more! We now bring you the perfect solution to solve your allergy related issues—a hair colour made up of 8 super-exotic botanical herbs.

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Indus Valley 100% Organic Hair Colour & Spa with Essential Oils is especially made for both hair colouring as well as for early grey hair defence. It is an ideal hair colour for people who have just started experiencing their initial greys.

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Introducing The Exclusive, Revolutionary Permanent Hair Colour To Colour Hair Naturally

  • Introduce yourself to the best Natural Hair Dye with a pack of Indus Valley Gel Hair Colour.
  • No more damage to your beautiful tresses with this Revolutionary Herbal Hair Colour.
  • This Natural Hair Dye Black is gentle, gel in texture and free from common dangerous chemicals.
  • PPD, Hydrogen Peroxide, Barium, Ammonia etc. free hair color gives you one of the most enjoyable hair coloring experiences.

And if you are one of those who often shirk off from the business of coloring due to chemical filled hair dyes, then pause! We have a perfect solution for you. This permanent hair colour gives you damage free results and is undoubtedly one of the safest hair colors to rely on. What can be better than a herbal hair dye that not only colors your hair with organic certified ingredients like henna and Amla but also nourishes your hair with its herbs like Aloevera, jojoba, basil, sunflower, orange and Wheatgerm. The one organic hair color solution for your multiple hair problems is right here! And what more! This best natural hair dye has been dermatologist recommended and certified by bodies like Halal and Bio Natural. Go grab your natural hair coloring solution today!


Unlock The Secrets

Well To justify this question, we have several facts to our credits. Aborting the usage of harsh chemicals, this herbal hair dye has accepted the most useful herbal ingredients that are known best for hair care. The eight best herbs are integrated in one comprehensive product to offer you the best hair coloring solution.