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Pure & Organic Coconut Carrier Oil - 100ml
Pure & Organic Coconut Carrier Oil - 100ml
Pure & Organic Coconut Carrier Oil - 100ml
Pure Carrier Coconut Oil
Pure Carrier Coconut Oil
Pure Carrier Coconut Oil
Pure & Organic Coconut Carrier Oil - 100ml
Pure & Organic Coconut Carrier Oil - 100ml
Pure & Organic Coconut Carrier Oil - 100ml
Pure Carrier Coconut Oil
Pure Carrier Coconut Oil
Pure Carrier Coconut Oil

Pure & Organic Coconut Carrier Oil - 100ml

Soothe Wrinkles | Strengthens the Roots | Gives a Glowing Skin

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Indus Valley Coconut oil is derived from the coconuts which are a crushed to naturally extract the oil out of the Coconuts. The oil is very beneficial for the health of the skin, hair and gives head-to-toe nourishment. The coconut oil extracted from the Organic coconuts enriched with essential nutrients gives nourishment to both hairs and the skin. The oil contains fatty acids and vitamin E which is very important for healthy skin and hair. The oil extracted is the purest form of oil and contains no chemicals or any other preservatives to it. Absolutely 100% organic and natural help in fighting against major hair/skin concerns.

Manufactured and Packed By: Indus Cosmeceuticals Pvt. Ltd.
Address: 79, Industrial Area, Shoghi, Shimla - 171219, HP, India
Grievance Officer: Cust. Rel. Officer
Customer Care No.: +91-9717123456

  • Pure Coconut Oil nurtures rough & dry skin. Soothe wrinkles, aging scars, and marks.
  • Wipes out the dirt and impure grime from deep skin pores cleanse and glorifies the skin.
  • Moisturize all dryness and chapped areas smoothen the skin texture.
  • Regular use strengthens the roots, stops hair fall and fetch the thick hair growth.
  • Wipes out all makeup while providing moisture to the skin.
  • Promotes clear glowing skin with even skin one.
  • Majorly used skin moisturizing and hair nourishing oil.
  • Extremely beneficial for skin welfare and hair care.

Disciplined the wild frizzy hair

For all frizzy, uncontrollable hairs, try out the most natural ultra smoothening conditioner; cold-pressed coconut oil. The oil will manage all the frizz, seal off the split ends and deeply conditions hair, softens the hair texture.

Facial cleansing and refreshing serum

Organic coconut oil pulls out the excessive unwanted oil from the skin thus good for the acne-suffers. Coconut oil will sucks out the unwanted oil without letting skin dry simultaneously maintains the required moisture. Cleanses the impurities, refreshes the skin and gives natural glowing even tone.

Maintains balanced diet

Coconut oil is high in healthy saturated fats, boosts fat burning, and provides quick energy to brain and body. Supports the good cholesterol in blood, tends to reduce heart disease risk as well.

Anti-inflammatory Ointment

Coconut oil soothes inflammation and relieves pain as well. Healthy Vegetable edible oils like this cold pressed coconut oil also reduce the risks of inflammation improving anti oxidation as well.

Soften rough skin- on elbows, knees, heels, etc

Gracefully softens the cracked heels, rough knees, dry hands and moisturizes the dry chapped lips. Removes roughness causing flaky skin or the dead skin cells. Gives the beautifully moisturized smooth skin.

Growth and nourishing scalp treatment

Coconut oil is miraculous oil when it comes to hair care. It toughens the hair from deep roots within, nourishes the scalp eliminating dryness and flakes, gives smoothening to the strands and straightens the hair texture naturally. Covers grey hairs and maintains shiny locks.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Good for frizz free hairs

This is great for having a clean face & frizz-free hairs.


I would recommend this deep repair mask to anyone who has split ends, dry hair, brittle hair or just unmanageable hair.

parth malla
Very satisfied.

It is an original product of Indus Valley.Actually other duplicate oil also available in the market so a little bit afraid that what if I get duplicate products?But really happy with receiving the original product.Very satisfied.

honey singh
Very effective oil

It not only clears complexion but also imparts a warm glow to the skin. It nourishes your skin, makes it smoother & softer. Enriched with vitamins E, A, and B, this miraculous oil seals the moisture in the skin & also improves absorption, thus ensuring the pores arent blocked. Highly recommended!

Its Ultimate

This coconut oil is much better than my previous product which was parachute.

Pure & Organic Coconut Carrier Oil - 100ml
₹229.00 ₹299.00