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Bio-Organic Multani Mitti Powder
Multani mitti, also known internationally as Indian Healing Clay Powder, is a deep healer of acne and pimples, pulls out blackheads, reduces scars, blemishes, fine lines, and wrinkles, tightens up the skin, shrinks large open pores and brightens up the...
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Calming Acne Gel with Seaweed & Tea Tree Extracts (50ml)
Say no to acne and pimples with Indus Valley Calming Acne Gel. Enriched with the goodness of 6 exotic herbs, especially Seaweed and Tea Tree extracts, it also adds health and natural glow to the skin, reduces dullness, puffy skin...
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Bio-Organic Sun Guard Aloe Vera Gel (175ml)
Indus Valley Bio-Organic Ultra Repair Sun Guard Aloe Vera Gel is a super-enriched sunscreen that provides broad spectrum protection against both the UVA and UVB rays of the sun. Loaded with the goodness of 14 all-organic natural extracts from organically...
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Ultra Rich Replenishing Fruit Scrub - (Net Quantity: 50ml)
Indus Valley Ultra Rich Replenishing Face Scrub comes with a rich and deep hydrating formula that helps to care for and replenish dry, tired skin. This luxurious scrub is blended with exotic botanicals and nourishing oils for a deep cleanse...
₹249.00 ₹169.00
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Natural Skin Water/ Facial Toner - (250 ml. each)
Mother Nature has gifted us with numerous aromatic health treasures like jasmine, lavender, saffron, rose, cucumber and mint. We can extract not just essential oils from them, but also superbly healing and soothing hydrosols or waters such as—jasmine hydrosol water,...
₹299.00 ₹249.00
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