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Bio-Organic Bhringraj Powder - 100gm
Obtained from organically grown bhringraj (Eclipta alba) plants, the leaves of which are crushed to create this wonderfully pure product, this Indus Valley Bio-Organic Bhringraj Powder comes to you as a 100% pure and certified organic herb powder. A traditional...
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Onion Hair Fall Control Oil - 200ml.
Indus Valley’s Onion Hair Fall Control Oil packs the power of onions for quick hair growth. It works as a comprehensive hair fall control solution that is suitable for all skin types.
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Organic Bhringraj Oil for Hair (100 ml)
Organic Bhringraj Oil better stimulates the hair follicles, triggering the hair growth. Organic Bhringraj Oil boosts blood circulation to the scalp. Bhringraj Herb is widely used in India for hair care and cleansing, Bhringraj Oil for hair is known for...
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