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Saffron Water Toner - 250ml
Saffron Water Toner - 250ml

Saffron Water Toner - 250ml

Brighten Skin | Restores Skin Moisture | Improves Skin Texture

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cucumber toner

Mother Nature has gifted us with numerous aromatic health treasures like jasmine, lavender, saffron, rose, cucumber and mint. We can extract not just essential oils from them, but also superbly healing and soothing hydrosols or waters such as—jasmine hydrosol water, lavender hydrosol water, saffron hydrosol water, rose hydrosol water, cucumber hydrosol water and mint hydrosol water. All of which help in holistically healing itchy and dry skin, while also calming the senses. Just spray them on your pre-cleansed skin and face and let them work their magic in unclogging your pores, tightening up your skin, shrinking large open pores, brightening up your skin and as superbly enriching face and body mists.

6 superb ways for a super-nourished skin

Loaded with 100% pure and organic herbs, extracts and compounds, you can now choose between 4 super-exotic farm-fresh facial water toners to get a super-soft, silky skin like never before. Each water toner comes to you loaded with micronutrients, minerals and vitamins acting as complete foods in their own exclusive ways for feeding the hungered, parched skin.

So easy to use

All 6 enriched face toners come in easy-to-use spray bottles. You just spray them on over your pre-cleaned face and start experiencing superbly relaxed, well soothed and a super-nourished skin.

As raw and aromatic as nature intended them to be

When it comes to healing the skin holistically nothing matches with nature itself. So, the 6 facial water toners come to you as naturally extracted from organic and botanical herbs blended with super-rich skin-healing compounds so that their aroma can instantly calm your senses, while their micronutrients heal your damaged skin inside out.

For optimum skin maintenance on-the-go

Spray on the floral water toners on your face and skin after cleansing them first thing in the morning. Then carry them along for continuous protection and replenishment of your skin throughout the day to stay up and about always.

  • Pre-cleanse your face or body skin and pat it dry.

  • Spray Indus Valley Facial Toner all over.

  • Allow it to air dry.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Pranav Joshi
It manages to hydrate dry

Saffron face toner is a game-changer for my combination skin. It manages to hydrate dry areas while keeping oily zones in check. The glow it imparts is just phenomenal.

excellent for my sensitive skin

Starting my day with Sunrise Saffron Face toner has made a noticeable difference in my skin. It feels more hydrated and visibly brighter. The natural saffron infusion is excellent for my sensitive skin.

It's hydrating enough for my dry skin

The Saffron Water Face Toner is gentle yet effective. It has significantly calmed my irritated skin and added a healthy glow. It's hydrating enough for my dry skin, and I love the premium feel of the product.

Riya Kapoor
my skin tone and improved texture

This saffron face toner feels like a splash of freshness on my face. The Saffron face toner Pure Radiance has lightened my skin tone and improved texture. It's quite refreshing, and the subtle saffron fragrance is a bonus.

Aarav Malhotra
luxurious saffron not only brightens my complexion

Saffron Face Toner is my new favorite. The luxurious saffron not only brightens my complexion but also gives it a radiant boost. I've noticed a significant reduction in pigmentation after just a few weeks of use.

Saffron Water Toner - 250ml
₹267.00 ₹399.00