How to Oil Hair Correctly for Quick Hair Growth

How to Oil Hair Correctly for Quick Hair Growth

Women in India and South Asia oil their hair as a cultural tradition. Many schoolgirls and women spend their free time at home this way as one of their favourite pastime. It has been scientifically proven that this practice of hair oiling has many benefits. It helps hair grow long, shiny and silky.

Hair oiling with a natural hair growth oil is undoubtedly the best way to go. When oil is poured onto the scalp and massaged well, a natural hair growth oil will nourish the scalp and provide essential minerals and vitamins that otherwise get depleted from regular hair washing and cleaning. Hair oiling at regular intervals is, thus, recommended for better hair health.

There are many different oils that are considered good for hair. Mixed oils are also suggested for healthy hair. Some oils that are infused with herbal extracts help in better hair growth. Bio-organic growout hair oil is one-such hair growth oil consisting of essential herbs and super-exotic hair care herbs.

Can hair oil grow hair?

Oil plays a vital role in scalp health. It shields the hair from general wear and tear. It helps in reducing the damage to hair follicles caused by swelling from excessive moisture.

Hair oils fill the gap between cuticle cells and protect the follicles from surfactants. Massaging with oil exfoliates the scalp and helps in reducing hair fall.

Lipids are crucial for hair health, for maintaining shine and lustre. The lipids are lost when the hair gets exposed to pollution, styling and chemical treatments. Fatty acids in growout hair oil replace these lipids. Using one of the best organic hair oil for hair growth can also protect your hair from chemicals in hair products. Oil strengthens the hair shafts, especially if your hair are dry and frizzy. Oiling the hair and leaving it overnight provides maximum benefits.

How often should you oil your hair?

Oiling the hair at least once a week is recommended.  You can use hair oil for growth on your hair twice or thrice a week if your hair is overly dry or is full of dandruff. It is advised to massage oil onto your hair and scalp and leaving it overnight for maximum absorption. You can wash it away the next morning. As oil can attract a lot of dust and grime too, it should not be on the hair for more than 6-8 hours.How to regrow hair naturally?

  1. Massage your scalp with a good organic oil regularly

Massaging with the best hair oil for hair growth and thickness promotes better hair health. Using hair oils and masks in combination with massaging can provide the best result. Massages stimulate the scalp and improve blood circulation onto the scalp. Higher blood flow stimulates the hair follicles resulting in healthier hair and faster hair growth. If stress is the main reason for your hair loss, then regular scalp massages can relax you and help you in relieving stress.Massages also boost hair growth and thickness in the dermal papilla cells. These cells, located at the bottom of the hair follicles, play a crucial role in forming the appearance of hair strands. The cells also play an essential part in the shedding and regrowth cycle.

  1. How oil regrows hair?

Massaging with organic hair oils can provide the required nourishment and care. Coconut oil encourages hair growth and lubricates the hair strands, preventing hair fall. You can massage coconut oil onto your scalp or apply it to your entire hair length. Use essential oils that promote hair growth like rosemary oil, geranium oil, etc. in combination with coconut oil for quicker response. Rosemary is a familiar essential oil that stimulates new hair growth and arrests hair loss. Geranium essential oil circulates more blood and improves hair growth. Lemon essential oil can be used with a carrier oil as part of a hair mask for increasing hair growth.

  1. Which oil is best for hair growth?

Mixed oils infused with haircare herbs, specially blended to boost hair growth are very effective for hair growth.

Indus Valley Bio-Organic Growout Hair Oil is one such oil, made up of 11 essential and super-exotic hair care herbs. A pure and natural hair growth oil, its herbs nourish the scalp and help reinforce hair from the roots up. Growout Hair Oil improves overall hair health and promotes maximized hair growth.

This oil nourishes the hair follicles and scalp to improve the microcirculation of blood, resulting in hair growth. It provides necessary nutrients to the skin cells, responsible for hair growth. This chemical-free hair oil works wonders on your hair,  showing visible growth of new healthier hair in just a few weeks. Bio-Organic Growout Hair Oil enhances hair quality and texture. It ensures the growth of new hair with appropriate thickness and strength.

The following are the active hair care herbal ingredients present in this oil:

  1. Sunflower Oil: Rich in omega-9 fatty acid, protects against harmful UV rays
  2. Thankuni Leaf Extract: Fights hair fall and hair thinning
  3. Bhringraj Leaf Extract: Revitalizes the hair follicles and facilitates hair growth
  4. Nagarmotha Root Extract:Improves hair texture, adds shine
  5. Haritaki Fruit Extract: Improves hair health by clarifying dirt impurities from the scalp
  6. Nettles Leaf Extract:  Helps in restoring natural colour and minimizes hair breakage
  7. Onion Root Extract: Provides extra sulphur for enhanced keratin production, the building blocks of hair
  8. Jatamansi Root Extract: Reduces bald patches
  9. Hibiscus Flower Extract:  Prevents premature greying
  10. Clove Oil: Stimulates hair growth
  11. Grape Seed Oil:  Helps restore natural shine and vibrancy

More love for Indus Valley Growout Hair Oil—What its users say:

Finally found a hair regrowth solution!

I ordered this oil on a whim because it was the only product in the market that claimed to promote hair regrowth. I had soft but thin hair ever since I was a child and wanted something to help grow more hair. I've been using this Bio Organic oil for about 2 months now, and I'm happy that the results are amazing! Lots of new hair have grown in the areas on my scalp where there used to be thin hair earlier. The texture and volume of my hair have improved as well. The best part is that only a few drops every day are enough.

Pooja Sathe

Reviewed in India on 25 February 2018

Verified Purchaser

Great for brittle hair!

I have brittle hair that easily break and for the longest time, I’ve been using coconut oil before shampooing which helps, but not significantly. When I ordered this Indus Valley Bio Organic Regrowth Hair Oil, I was a bit skeptical but it proved me wrong. Featuring a natural blend of herbs and herbal extracts and essential oils, this is literally a nutritional supplement for my hair. My hair is thicker and stronger, and never looked healthier!


Reviewed in India on 18 June 2018

Verified Purchaser

Highly Recommend Hair Oil for hair loss

Bestest Hair Oil for Hair Loss

This is the best hair oil for hair loss. I have been using this oil since one month, after two three weeks the results were shown. You just have to massage in your scalp property before night or before taking shower. Since we use lots of chemicals in our hairs & suddenly the hairs start getting dried up, we may have splitance issue too. Soo to stop these you can use Indus Bioorganic Growout hair oil which not only reduces hair fall but it increases hair growth makes your hair smoother and removes dryness too.

So you may definitely try this product once for sure too see better results 😊

Ishanvee Sonawane

Reviewed in India on 17 October 2020

Verified Purchaser

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