7 Remarkable Benefits of Moroccan Rhassoul Clay Powder

7 Remarkable Benefits of Moroccan Rhassoul Clay Powder

7 Remarkable Benefits of Moroccan Rhassoul Clay Powder

Rhassoul clay is a natural mineral clay from the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. Also known as Moroccan clay, red clay, or Ghassoul clay, it is used as a natural cosmetic ingredient. Rhassoul is very rich in minerals such as silica, iron, calcium, potassium, sodium, magnesium oxide, trace elements and pro-vitamins, making it an excellent ingredient for your skin and hair. Moroccan women have been enjoying the protective, regenerative and healing properties of Rhassoul clay since centuries. In modern times, you don’t have to travel to the Atlas Mountains to benefit from this super-rich clay. Buy pure Moroccan Rhassoul Clay powder online and make the most of it.

Pure Moroccan Rhassoul Clay does wonders for the skin and hair and can be used as a mask, body wrap, shampoo, skin conditioner or soap.

    1. Look younger with healthy skin

Rhassoul clay increases blood circulation onto the skin. It also helps in evenly retaining skin moisture. When blood flow increases, the skin starts looking and feeling healthier. Rhassoul clay contains magnesium, which helps protect the skin against free radical damage that causes wrinkles. It also contains silica, which helps boost collagen production, giving the skin a more youthful appearance. 

    1. Powerfully detoxifies the skin

We live in a world where chemicals from manufacturing take a toll on our health. Most of it also gets easily deposited and trapped as toxins inside our skin. Rhassoul clay draws out not only dirt and sebum from inside our skin pores, but also these toxins and wastes clogging in. Rhassoul clay has a strong negative electromagnetic charge. As opposites attract, it pulls out all oil, dirt, grime, toxins, and impurities which carry a positive charge, trapped inside our pores. But, in the process, Rhassoul Clay never draws out the skin-friendly nutrients as they carry a negative charge, thus leaving your skin wonderfully detoxed, with all of its nutrients wonderfully preserved.

    1. An excellent exfoliator

Pure Moroccan Rhassoul Clay powder can be combined with other ingredients to make exfoliating and smoothing scrubs. Due to its mineral composition and mild abrasive texture, Rhassoul Clay scrubs off the dead skin cells when mixed with other natural ingredients. This improves skin clarity, making it smooth and soft, free from its dead skin cells.

    1. Reduces excess oil from the skin

When our skin starts producing and accumulating excessive oil, we get pimples, acne and blackheads. Pur e Moroccan Rhassoul Clay soaks up extra oils and sebum accumulated inside skin pores and helps prevent pimples, acne and blackheads. It leaves the skin feeling clean and refreshed. Use pure Moroccan Rhassoul Clay face masks once a week to make your skin free of excess oils and impurities.

    1. Soothes skin irritations

Rhassoul clay has skin-soothing effects due to silica and magnesium, which are natural anti-inflammatory. These minerals help relieve inflammatory skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis without drying out the skin or causing any irritation.

    1. A natural shampoo and conditioner

Rhassoul clay contains saponin, which is a natural cleansing agent commonly used in natural shampoos. Thus it also makes a good shampoo alternative. Mix pure Moroccan Rhassoul Clay with some rose water to form a smooth paste. You can also add some coconut oil and lavender essential oil to the paste. Massage it into your wet hair and scalp, and then rinse it off. Make your hair soft and healthy. The shampoo will also act as a natural conditioner to provide extra softness to your hair. Additionally, Rhassoul contains minerals such as sulfite and magnesium that detangle and make your hair more manageable.

    1. Combats dandruff

Rhassoul clay nourishes the hair and scalp with minerals and nutrients. It helps exfoliate the dead skin cells and balances sebum secretion which helps fight off dandruff.

Buy pure Moroccan Rhassoul Clay powder and add it to your skincare and haircare routine to help detox and purify your skin and hair. User reviews indicate that Indus Valley Bio-Organic Pure Original Moroccan Rhassoul Clay Powder is one of the finest Rhassoul Clays currently in the market. It comes as 100% organic and natural, without any added chemicals.

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