A Handsome Beard Defines a Man. How Are You Taking Care of Your Beard?

A Handsome Beard Defines a Man. How Are You Taking Care of Your Beard?

The world of men’s grooming has evolved with time. Today, men are going for all kinds of products to look neat and clean, especially if he is the cosmopolitan type. But what if he is the rural type? In that case, we can put forth the light hearted argument that just as women around the world are broadly classified, from a certain point of view, as well-endowed or thin, similarly, a man, whether cosmopolitan or rural, is also classified as either with a beard, or without one. The latter part of this argument being 100% true. Organic beard oil, therefore, has become a major talking point throughout the world when it comes to men’s grooming products, since organic products have no added chemicals, and hence come with no side effects.

Why Should I Buy Beard Oil that is Organic?
  1. Hair Growth: Flaunting a thick, long beard has remained a progressing trend for men across generations. As you start growing it, you start getting lots of options to keep changing how you look. Organic beard oil helps in the natural growth of beard hair. It gives the beard a fuller, softer and lusher look.
  2. Hydration and Nourishment: As you grow a beard, the skin underneath begins to dry out. The dried skin then starts developing pimples, acne and rashes due to lack of moisture replenishment. A good organic beard oil nourishes and hydrates beard hair and the skin beneath to make your beard more manageable compared to an unhealthy beard.
  3. Reduces Beard Hair Thinning: Organic beard oils have fared impressively in reducing beard hair thinning. Also, its potent herbal formulation has helped many in covering up their bald beard patches and spots. The herbs replenish and rejuvenate beard hair from their roots up giving you a rich overgrowth, keeping your beard strongly rooted.
  4. Prevents Itching and Dandruff: Dry skin and fungal infestations are the two main causes for beard dandruff. Dry skin also leads to itchiness and excessive scratching can harm the skin beneath. Regular usage of harsh cleansers and soaps make the skin even dryer, which is why you must buy a good beard oil. An organic beard oil can keep your skin and hair moisturised, eventually reducing itchiness and preventing dandruff.
  5. Tames Flyaways: Yes, beard hair too can be frizzy and have split ends if not taken care of properly. You can buy beard oil to soften your beard hair and to make it supple and easier to control. The chances of having split ends would automatically reduce.
  6. Treats Inflammation: Sensitive skin can experience redness and inflammation from chemical based beard oils. Redness can also happen if your pores get clogged frequently. A good organic beard oil can deep clean the pores without interfering with sebum production.
How Do I Use the Organic Beard Oil?
  • You can use it after showering or right after washing your face. There are no strict rules to it. So you may apply it daily or alternatively depending upon your schedule. You must also make sure that the oil is taken in limited quantities as an excessive amount of oil can make you look greasy.
  • Take three to five drops of the organic beard oil in your palms and massage it on your beard in downward direction. Do this over a damped beard, not too dry, not too wet, for best absorption of the oil for best results.
  • Apply it over your entire beard and use a comb to get the beard oil evenly distributed. Thereafter, you can style your beard accordingly.

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