7 Reasons Why Onion Shampoo Helps in Faster Hair Regrowth

7 Reasons Why Onion Shampoo Helps in Faster Hair Regrowth

Today, hair fall is common amongst all age groups. There could be many genetic, hormonal, natural or chemical reasons behind sudden hair fall and it always comes with other scalp issues, like greying of hair, split ends, frizzy hair, etc. Since everyone these days prefers organic and homemade remedies, using an onion shampoo could be your ultimate solution for controlling hair fall. Best onion shampoo for hair growth helps in stimulating hair development, prevents baldness, split ends and dandruff and makes your hair grow thicker. After extensive research on onion based solutions it was concluded that the minerals found in onions helped in hair regrowth in almost 87% of the samples tested within 2-4 weeks when raw onion juice was used on a daily basis.

How does an onion shampoo work?

 Onions contain nutrients that nourish the hair follicles and promote hair growth from the roots by increasing volume, shine, and strength. By keeping the hair smooth and lustrous all day long, it minimizes breakage and thinning.

  • It Replenishes Lost Nutrients: Onion Shampoo Contains Dietary Sulfur. Proteins and enzymes are produced in the body with the help of this mineral. It can also be found in keratin. The sulfur in onion shampoo is excellent at nourishing hair follicles and regrowing hair. Hair can also grow faster when using it. Hair thinning and breakage are also minimized by sulfur.
  • Removes Scalp Infections: Scalp infections are significant causes of hair loss. A healthier scalp will always grow stronger hair. The antibacterial properties present inside the best onion shampoo for hair growth will help fight scalp infections. For quicker results, you can use pure olive oil before applying the shampoo.
  • Stops Premature Greying: Onion Shampoo can reverse the effects of premature greying since it has natural potent antioxidants. Free radicals are believed to speed up the aging process. You can also lose hair due to the destruction of your hair follicles. Onions include flavonoids, an antioxidant that can save your hair and scalp from the buildup of free radicals.
  • Brings Shine to Your Hair: The best onion shampoo for hair growth also brings about a healthy hair shine when used regularly. It can treat frizzy hair very quickly and improves the texture of hair along with giving it extra bounce. Also, onion shampoo works like a natural conditioner.
  • Uninhabitable for Lice: Are you suffering from lice problems? Onion shampoo is your best remedy. Since onion shampoo has the ability to fight infections, it also helps in treating lice and prevents future infestation. To get rid of lice, you can use a good onion oil twice a week along with onion shampoo for best results.
  • Adds Volume to Hair: Once onion juice comes in contact with the scalp, it boosts blood circulation, which helps in production of healthy skin cells ultimately increasing the thickness of each hair strand, thereby adding bounce and volume of hair.
  • Fights Dandruff: The antibacterial properties in the indus valley onion shampoo for hair growth nourishes the scalp and hair, which helps in treating dandruff and prevents any other unforeseen infections that can occur on the scalp.

How to use onion shampoo for improving hair health and promoting regrowth?

  • Gently massage onion shampoo on your wet hair and scalp using your fingertips and work it into a thick lather.
  • Keep the shampoo on your scalp for 1-2 minutes.
  • Rinse off  your hair with water and towel dry.
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