How to Buy the Best Organic Hair Colour?

How to Buy the Best Organic Hair Colour?

Finding the best organic hair colour has always been a pain. Everyone wants colourful hair but no one wants to suffer from hair damages. We are also very cost conscious and don’t want to spend too much on experimentation, especially if we are doing it for the first time. So, what is the solution?

Organic hair colours always best for first timers

If you are someone who is colouring his/ her hair for the nth time then you already know what you are doing. But, if you are colouring your hair for the first time, the suggestion is that you go for something mild and somber. Try colouring your hair with herbs that will also nutrition it inside out. Try using a natural organic hair colour. Its colouring effects will not be permanent, so you will be able to re-colour your hair after just a few weeks only. Moreover, even if you don’t like the colour, the herbs will still make your hair strong and shiny so you will have nothing to lose.

Organic hair colours best for experienced hair colourists too

Even if you have done it before there is nothing like the goodness of a natural hair colour to soothe and heal your scalp. And being an experienced hair colourist you will also be able to handle an organic hair colour far better than a first timer for getting that exact shade you always wanted, isn’t it?

The truth is natural herbs don’t really colour like chemicals do. While chemicals bring about absolutely stunning effects, like turning hair bright purple, deep blue, vibrant red, green or even a sunny yellow, the somber suave colours that organic hair colours leave can be equally noticeable by making you look absolutely elegant in a much, much more desirable way.

So, how to buy the best organic hair colour?

Just keep an eye out for the following;

  1. Is it recommended by doctors or comes as dermatologically tested? A genuine organic hair colour will always come with such a stamp.

  2. What are its ingredients? Does it have natural and certified organic herbs? It is a known fact that organic and natural colouring herbs need a little bit of help from harmless organic chemicals to enhance their colouring effects. That’s why, many a times, they come with some added organic compounds. Weigh out these organic compounds carefully and only then make your purchase.
  3. Does it have harmful chemicals like Hydrogen Peroxide (Bleach), Ammonia or PPD in it? Does it have any heavy metals or resorcinols? Look out for these names in its ingredients list, and if you find any, just avoid buying that product.

One of the biggest no-no’s in any hair product is ammonia which is the primary ingredient in most synthetic hair colours. Natural hair colours will never contain these chemicals. Ammonia is used in chemical hair colours for opening up the outer covering of hair strands so that the colour can be deposited inside the hair cortex which inevitably makes hair weak. While PPD (Paraphenylenediamine) chemically reacts with hydrogen peroxide inside the cortex only bringing about the new colouring effects, which ultimately roughens up and dulls the hair texture. PPD also causes severe skin allergies, and is a sensitizing agent, resulting in severe itching, dryness and even disfiguration in some people.

  1. What kind of user reviews does it have? We all know that the social media is a free-for-all these days, and anybody who has a smartphone can post whatever he/ she feels like. So, while not all reviews are genuine and many are written with questionable intentions, there are many that are written out of genuine and fair concerns too. Remember that just as not every negative review is valid, not every positive review is valid either. And, if you still have doubts, just go for a small tester pack and slowly graduate to the larger ones.

One hair colour that shines out in the market

Indus Valley Hypoallergenic Aqua Colour is one hair colour that’s absolutely natural and made up of 100% botanical, pure and certified organic herbs, namely—indigo, brahmi, colourless henna, fenugreek, henna, amla, manjistha and chamomile. It has all the qualities discussed above and enjoys rave reviews from its users too. You just have to mix up the herb powders (primer and colour) with some warm water and apply.

Lack of PPD, other chemicals and heavy metals makes it gentle and suitable for all skin types. It will also protect your hair and scalp from harmful UV rays of the sun, dirt and pollution. You can choose between 4 different shades that last on hair from 4 to 6 weeks.

Indus Valley Hypoallergenic Aqua Colour is made for those suffering from hypersensitive and allergy-prone skin. They can start colouring their hair once again with this safe hair colour and start looking young and beautiful like before.

For more queries feel free to speak with our beauty and health experts. Till then, stay beautiful, naturally!

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