Why is skincare so important? And how to start your own skincare routine at home?

The skin is the largest organ in our body. It keeps the harmful elements like dirt, pollutants and toxins from entering our body, while also helping in regulating the internal body temperature. That’s why it’s very important to keep the skin in its best working condition. A glowing, healthy skin also makes one look good and attractive, whether male or female.

The best skincare routines primarily help in preventing multiple skin related issues. Only,  you must make sure to go for the one that best suits your particular skin type.

Which skincare products suit which skin type?

When working with chemical based skincare products, keep in mind the following general rules;

  1. If you have dry skin, try avoiding alcohol based products, since alcohol tends to neutralize the skin oils.

  2. If you have oily skin try avoiding oil based products, since more oil could clog your skin pores further, thereby increasing acne breakouts, blackheads and whiteheads.

  3. If you have a combination or normal skin, you can go for any gentle cleanser and a moisturizer for skin health maintenance.

The above rules, however, do not apply to products made up of organic and natural ingredients. Such products may contain harmless food-grade alcohol to improve efficiency. They may also have some essential and carrier oils mixed with other natural ingredients which, together, won’t clog pores, but only deep cleanse them.

Natural and organic products also suit all types of skin—dry, oily and normal, even hypersensitive or allergy-prone skin.

The items you will need for starting a skincare routine at home

If you are looking for a basic but a power-packed skincare routine at home, and don’t have time to consult a dermatologist or a skincare expert, best would be to go for 100% pure, organic and natural ingredients, because nothing heals as holistically as nature itself. Also, read up the product ingredients very carefully, and do a bit of a background check on each of their functionalities.

You will need;
1. An organic and natural skin cleanser—For regular daily face cleansing.
2. An organic and natural skin toner—For nourishing your skin after a face wash.
3. An organic and natural skin moisturizer—For hydrating and moisturizing your skin and before applying makeup.
4. An organic and natural sunscreen—For applying over the skin before going out in the sun. 

Organic and natural blends usually have multiple applications. For example, an organic and natural sunscreen could also double up as a natural moisturizer.

Just 6 steps to kickstart a power-packed skincare routine at home;

  1. Start with any small daily exercise like brisk walking in the evenings, or any activity enough to make you sweat. Sweating tends to clear up the pores allowing the skin to breathe. A skin that breathes suffers less from skin ageing—wrinkles and fine lines, staying young and glowing for longer.

  2. Start eating healthy—seasonal fruits and vegetables, and reduce on that fatty, oily fast food stuff. Eating oily and unhygienic food increases free-radical damages on the skin leading to increased skin ageing.

  3. Sleep more, as a relaxed mind helps boost the production of the love hormones (oxytocin, dopamine and serotonin) increasing skin glow.

  4. Stay happy and connected with friends to further boost the love hormones.

  5. Go easy on those chemicals present in generic skincare and haircare products. Chemical based skincare and haircare products may come with extremely harmful chemicals like lead, mercury, silver, arsenic, barium, aluminium, etc. Over time, these chemicals may accumulate inside the skin pores causing many types of skin issues and even cancer.

  6. And, last but not least, go organic, go natural. Natural skincare ingredients like rose petals powder, multani mitti, orange peel powder, mulethi (liquorice) powder, etc. offer holistic skin care. And, since they work with a skin-friendly pH balance of 5.5, they also suit all types of skin—dry, oily and normal.

Final words

Taking good care of the skin and hair can be a tricky thing, so you may also opt for some DIY face packs made out of 100% pure and natural ingredients. Also, you can get any of your further queries answered by our beauty and health experts by writing your comments below.

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