You Can Still Get Burgundy Hair Dye Even if it's Organic!

You Can Still Get Burgundy Hair Dye Even if it's Organic!

Are you afraid of the resulting damages caused by chemical dyes in hair dyes, but want to keep up with the latest hair colour trends? Can't get rid of that shade of burgundy even though you're suffering from hair loss, breakage, and split ends? To get it all in one complete package, switch to a natural burgundy hair colour.

What are the benefits of organically natural hair dyes over chemical hair dyes?

The chemicals in regular hair dyes can severely damage hair, sometimes even making it curable, such as ammonia, hydrogen peroxide, PPD, and heavy metals like barium. Hair cuticles are damaged by ammonia due to its ability to open their pores and allow bleach and PPD (paraphenylenediamine) to enter them. Frizz, frizzing and hair breakage are caused by weak roots, causing hair to become frizzy and brittle. Depending on the severity of the case, PPD can cause irritation, dermatitis, allergies, and even skin cancer. A bleaching agent, hydrogen peroxide, makes your hair lose its natural colour, resulting in premature greying. While the development of skin cancer and other disorders are linked to heavy metals like barium.

Perks of using Organically natural hair colour

Organically natural hair colours nourish the hair and scalp with their enriched herbal formulations. The hair colors are 100% pure and organic, making them damage-free. Organic hair colours use natural herbs to moisturize the scalp, prevent dandruff, rejuvenate hair, prevent hair loss, protect against harmful UV rays, promote hair growth, soften hair, and enhance natural shine.

Natural herbs and ingredients are carefully mixed in measured amounts to create organic hair colours. Together, the ingredients protect hair from damage while giving it the soft, lustrous look you've always wanted. This trendy and trusted variant of natural hair colour is Indus Valley New Damage-Free Burgundy Gel Colour. It is rated among the best burgundy hair dyes by its users online and contains nine essential herbs for hair care. With its reddish tint, it gives hair a natural edge and a gorgeous shine.

A complex blend of purely organic and natural herbs has been used to design the Indus Valley Burgundy Gel Hair Colour:

  • Henna: Rejuvenates and nourishes the hair and scalp
  • Amla: Vitamin C promotes the production of collagen and melanin, prevents premature greying, and adds volume and lustre.
  • Basil: Antioxidants and vitamin K assist to strengthen and hydrate the hair and scalp.
  • Wheatgerm: Vitamin B from wheat germ nourishes hair, making it soft and smooth and shielding it from the sun's UV rays.
  • Aloe Vera: Hydrates and feeds hair, adding lustre and shine.
  • Sunflower: Prevents hair breakage, reduces frizz, and fights dandruff
  • Jojoba: Nourishes the scalp, heals hair breakage, and prevents split ends.
  • Orange: Antioxidants and vitamin C give hair strength, bounce, and shine.

Together, all herbs help to naturally and comprehensively cure the scalp and hair from the inside out.

If this is your first time colouring your hair, read this!

Are you new to colouring your hair? Then experiment with their Touch-Up Packs, which can be helpful. Once you are satisfied with its quality, you can switch to your preferred hair colour, burgundy, which is only currently offered in 4 shades: black, dark brown, medium brown, and light brown.

All hair and skin types, for both men and women, are said to be compatible with Indus Valley's New Damage-Free Gel Colours. Just make sure you have regular skin and aren't hypersensitive or allergic to anything. A patch test should be performed at least 48 hours before colouring your hair.

In conclusion

You only live once, so don't shorten it by using generic or chemical hair colors. Flaunt your style like never before with this best burgundy organically natural hair colour.

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