5 Reasons Why You Must Switch Over to an Allergy-Free Hair Colour Now

5 Reasons Why You Must Switch Over to an Allergy-Free Hair Colour Now

Are you aware of the possibly fatal effects of hazardous substances like Methylisothiazolinone (MTI), Paraphenylenediamine (PPD), and DMDM Hydantoin? They are primarily utilized in chemical-based hair colors and are to blame for many permanent harms, including lung diseases, neurotoxicity, allergies that could place us in the hospital, and more. However, I believe that our intense need to look attractive drives us to brave all of these risks. Our likelihood of developing cancer is likewise increased by these substances. Does that imply we should never dye our hair? Without a doubt. A 100% botanical hair color that has been carefully designed for people with hypersensitive or allergy-prone scalps has just been released by Indus Valley. Only 8 organic and botanical herbs make up this product, which strongly supports allergy-free hair coloring while nourishing and reviving the hair and scalp from the inside out. To learn how this allergy-free hair color is completely safe for everyone, continue reading.

100% botanical hair colour

Is it possible to use only plants to color your hair? It is, indeed. All-natural plant ingredients combined with essential oils and minerals are the only ingredients in Indus Valley New Hypoallergenic Aqua Color. Indigo, Henna, Senna, Amla, Chamomile, Brahmi, Manjistha, and Fenugreek are all ingredients that add volume and prevent hair damage in the mix. Additionally, because it is made entirely of plant-based ingredients, it naturally improves hair color and actively supports the maintenance of a healthy scalp. The allergy free hair color guarantees that your hair is free of any synthetic chemicals, reverses hair damage brought on by previous chemical hair dye use, and gives your hair a dazzling texture.

Especially designed for allergy-prone skin

Heavy metals, dangerous synthetics, and artificial perfumes found in hair products frequently cause the scalp to respond. A completely safe hair color, Indus Valley New Hypoallergenic Aqua Colour does not contain any additives that could irritate the delicate scalp or result in hair loss. Additionally, it is quite kind to the scalp.

 pH balance between 5 and 7

The majority of hair colors currently on the market have a pH balance that is quite alkaline, measuring at least 9. Thus, using them leads to the unbalanced pH levels of our scalp, which leads to severe dryness, numerous infections, illnesses, and harmful bacterial build-ups. It also generates a very alkaline environment inside our scalp tissues. Being entirely composed of plant elements, Indus Valley New Hypoallergenic Aqua Color operates with a pH balance between 5 and 7. This results in no negative side effects or irritations because it closely resembles the ideal pH balance of our scalp and hair.

Saves time and money

The majority of aesthetic procedures are both pricey and time-consuming. particularly if you have to use them frequently. You may receive salon-quality service at home with Indus Valley New Hypoallergenic Aqua Colour, saving a tonne of time and money in the process.

Treats hair, while coloring

Once you apply this hair color that is made entirely of botanical ingredients, you won't need to maintain any hair issues. It colors while treating the hair and scalp, getting rid of frizz, split ends, uncontrollable roots, and preventing the fading of your original hair color. The beneficial properties of the herbs will continue to keep your hair silky and healthy even after the color has faded.

How to Derive Maximum Benefits from Indus Valley New Hypoallergenic Aqua Colour:

Use a gentle organic shampoo on your hair as a pre-shampoo. Then, while wearing the included gloves, pour the hair primer (Pouch A) into a non-metallic container according to the length of your hair.

Make a thick paste without any lumps or granules in the container by adding some boiling water (greater than 85°C).

When the mixture has reached lukewarm temperature, use the supplied Applicator Brush to apply it to your hair. Dry it out.

30-45 minutes later, rinse with water and dry with a towel.

Make the paste in the same way you did with the primer powder using the Color (Pack B). Your hair should be coloured, then left in place for an hour.

Apply the Hair Eaze Spa Conditioner to your scalp after rinsing with water. After 15 minutes of resting, wash it with water.

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